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SEO TrackBacks Suite V.15

Hi Everyone,

There is an update to SEO Trackbacks Suite. This is version 1.5. This updates the SEO TrackBacks Poster problem. I got some feedback from clients who said that poster was not posting well anymore. Thanks guys & gals, I really appreciate it!

It seems that wordpress updates changed the way blogs take trackback posts. This is fixed. Though it posts a little slower it gets the job done. I did a test posting two urls at 350 to 450 backlinks each, and it went through it with no hitch.

Although it posts slower, this may be a good thing as it may look more natural. Don’t quote me on that one, but  in theory it sounds right? Right? Lol.

Also, there was something about ezinearticles long urls that would not post. For a while I was thinking that they were blocking it, but thanks to one of our clients Ken, thanks Ken, much appreciated… he found a way to make your ezinearticles urls so they post. You just need to shorten them. Here is an example below:

If you have a ezine articles url that looks like this:,0

You would format your ezinearticles url like this:

This will let you post trackbacks for your ezinearticles.

You can download the latest version of SEO Trackbacks Suite by clicking here.

Remeber to close SEO Trackbacks Poster and SEO Trackbacks Finder before you update.



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