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Movie Article Maker V2 (Nov. 23,2009)

Movie Article Movie Maker V2I’m very happy to announce the new version of Movie Article Maker V2 is available to download. This is only for Traffic X Suite clients. You can use the same license information you use with Traffic X Suite to register Movie Article Maker V2. With Movie Article Maker V2 you can monetize your MU Blog accounts, and even post to your own wordpress blogs.

You can download the latest version from the Traffic X Suite downloads page by clicking here.

Movie Article Maker V2 major feature changes from version 1 is:

1. Easier user interface

2. Post Directly to blogs. Has most posting features of Traffic X Multiplier. This includes backlinking, turning on XMLRPC, and deleting bad blogs, wait time between posting to all your blogs again, and pause time between blog posts. 

3.  Option to spin articles

4.  A New, bigger, and cleaner Movie Database.

5.  Instead of movie details, Movie Article Maker V2 articles make a movie review article.

6. Option to post movie reviews in the order they are in the movie database or post movie reviews randomly.

7. (Advanced Users) Ability to target and promote Amazon movies.

Download Movie-Article-Maker-V2-Manual.pdf (PDF, 425KB)

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