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Hi Everyone,

I have releasing a beta copy of a software called Munchies SE Scaper (Search Engine Scraper). The program is in it’s infancy and I need help making a manual for it. This will be a free software and I plan on building it slowly with features requested by users. Right now the software will scrape Google, Bing, and Yahoo for urls that can be used for many different things. It has similar scrape features like the Scrapebox software. You can use the scraped data to do things like post comments with other software ( I will make an in house comment poster for it in the future), find out what pages you have indexed in search engines, search for wp hosts for Traffic X Suite, and trackbacks for SEO Trackbacks, among many other uses. I hope to get beta users that would like to help build on this to try it out, send questions if you need help, and make write ups on ways of using it.

I urge only knowlegeable users download test and help with manuals. I do not have time for “non serious” users of this program. If you aren’t going to help then please just wait for an official release with manuals to download.

Beta version of Munchies SE Scraper can be downloaded at:
Munchies Search Engine Scraper Installer BetaV1.0 (Released Dec. 13,2010)

Traffic X Network Maker

For Traffic X Suite users I will release a beta version of Traffic X Network Maker sometime next week. I was hoping to get it done earlier but I have lots of catching up to do. This software will help me to bring Traffic X Suite to the direction I wanted to bring it a while ago…. making our own blog networks so we never have to worry about public wordpress hosts.

This software suite will be free and will allow users to make their own wordpress networks in mass, easily. It will also allow only you to make mass blogs on your own networks so you can post content to them with Amazon Article Maker X, Movie Article Maker X, and future content generators that I will be releasing.

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